Clue #2

I picked up some super secret samples today and cannot WAIT to share it ALL with you... but until then, here's one more hint as to what has been cooking (or mixing) up over here!

A Few Fun Things in the Works!

Hello, old friend! It's been too long! I have had a wonderfully relaxing year adding to our family another wonderful baby boy, William Harding "Duke" Radasky, and being able to focus on family has left me refreshed, renewed, and creatively craving an outlet. I was able to dabble in an ah-ma-zing wedding, doing mostly design consulting, which was a great experience and came together as the most beautiful event (pictures to come!), and brainstorm on a few projects that I had been too timid to fully commit my creativity and effort to in the past. Lets just say I am BEYOND excited about what I have up my sleeve. Apparently Mercury is retrograding right now, so I'm holding my tongue for a few more weeks... but I can't wait to share it ALL!

Here's ONE hint as to what I've been up to...

Liz Banfield Photography

Liz Banfield Photography


Ingredients: 1/2 oz (1 part) Dry vermouth, 3 oz (6 parts) Gin

Preparation: Straight: Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain in chilled martini cocktail glass. Squeeze oil from lemon peel onto the drink, or garnish with olive.


Easter | Weekend

Welp, I wrote a really long post about our special, magical Easter weekend, and it was promptly erased, soooo here are a lot of pictures that sort of capture the events. Time Warner internet, we are officially at war.

Valentines | Day

Press and I made Valentines for his playgroup buddies, and I love how they turned out! I had him color on a piece of paper with some a few different widths of markers, then I scanned his little doodle and blew it up to make a Valentine's card! (I also replaced the red/pinks with blues and framed some pieces for our kitchen- love looking at his "artwork" every day!) I printed YOU ROCK! on the front of the doodled cards and threw some red/pink rock candy in some cello bags I had laying around, added gold & white crinkle, cardstock hearts I cut out quickly, and then used red/white kitchen twine to tie on little cards from Paper Source. Pretty easy and definitely satisfying!

Dinnertime This Week

Dinners a la Ina Garten to prove to my husband that I in fact can cook! Everything was DELICIOUS and I might have gotten myself a full-time gig as the resident chef. Whoops.

Monday: Chicken with (Basil) Herbed Goat Cheese. Roasted Tomato and Garlic Salad.

Thursday: Seared Scallops with Potato and Cauliflower Puree

Friday: Pizza delivery (not Ina) and wine (obviously)


I changed my blog over to my website because 1) I hate Wordpress and do NOT understand it at all and 2) I wanted a fresh start. Unfortunately, I am technologically challenged in the greatest sense of the phrase and so I wasn't able to simply "transfer" the page here. So! I am sad that I lost a lot of content and followers, but wanted to bring one of my favorite posts from last year over, and will be blasting this new blog address to everyone soon!

Our little man is ONE! I can't believe it's already been a year since he was born. I can't believe how much more wonderful and blessed our lives are every day with him. I won't get sappy here (but I did create a coffee table book with pictures from his first year and pretty much bawl every time I read the intro page... that I wrote. Who am I?) Anyway! We threw Press a fall themed first birthday party, and totally lucked out with a beautiful November day! It was such a special morning filled with friends and family... and lots of kiddos to keep it lively.

I couldn't think of a really "theme" for the party, so we just stuck with general fall. Lots of mums, pumpkins, hay bales, and a navy/brown/gold color palette. We had an amazing photographer capture all of the details and I'm kinda completely obsessing over all the photos and reliving the special day!

Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions catered for us and took my basic idea of "BBQ, mac & cheese, & brussel sprouts" to the next level with root beer pulled pork sliders, a mac & cheese bar with toppings, and an amazing roasted brussel sprout, mushroom and tomato dish. We had some apple squeezies, rice cobs and Pirate's Booty out for quick snacks for kids. We also did a Caramel Apple Bar, with slices to drizzle with caramel, chocolate and seasalt, and little applesauce "shooters" so babies could partake in the fun, too! For cocktails, we had cider beers and some other specialty brews, and a special apple sangria cocktail with prosecco, cognac, apple cider, and pomegranate. For the kiddos we did apple juice boxes and apple cider. We put out lots of toys to keep everyone entertained, and at the last minute I found some edible markers (Gourmet Writers) and set up a cookie decorating bar outside for the older kids--MAJOR hit and I highly recommend for parties! (Click through the gallery below for more photos!)

We asked guests to bring diapers as a donation instead of gifts, and are excited to take Press with us to drop them off this week at Children's Mercy Hospital. (UPDATE: We dropped them off, and they were SO IMPRESSED with the amount--two pallets!-- and generosity of all our friends! THANK YOU!)

And last but not least- the cake! Press isn't much of a sugar guy (he prefers hot sauce, lemons, and any kind of meat...bizarre) but he LOVED his cake from 3 Women and an Oven! I made the little cake toppers to complement all the banners I had made for each room, and laid out cupcakes from Judie's Bakery in the same triangle pattern. Add some balloons and a little fire (candle) and we had one happy one year old! I know he had as much fun as we did celebrating the first of many birthdays with such amazing friends!

He was SUCH a ham the entire day... Not that he usually keeps to himself or holds back on smiles, but I swear he knew it was all about him and he. was. loving it.

Here is my favorite picture our amazing photographer took right when he was waking up from his morning nap before the party. I mean, this is probably my favorite picture EVER. In the history of the world.

Enjoy your second birthday in the basement of Chuckie Cheese, buddy! We love you!


Photos by Alea Lovely

New | Year | Focus

I am so excited about 2015. I have literally NEVER been a huge fan of/believer in/acknowledger of a new year bringing a fresh start and blah blah blah. To me it usually just signifies the beginning of three to six months of forgetting what year it is when I write checks, but for some reason this year is positively SINGING to me. I don't know if it is maturity, or my appreciation of every minute I'm given on this planet with my wonderful friends, family, and life, or a cosmic shift that is motivating me to make some real changes. I read this quote recently, and it hit me like a truck (in a good way):

And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.” -Iain Thomas

I have been CRAVING (if there is a stronger word for that, insert it here) these words for the last few years. Prioritizing is not one of my strengths, and neither is saying no. Enter a life full of things I am passionate about but don't have enough time to embrace, and 5% of myself and effort going into everything, and 100% of myself feeling lost and like I can't keep up. So this year, I am stopping. I am breathing. I am slowing down and doing things simply. I always have an ongoing lists of "need to do" and "want to do", and a mental argument with myself over habits to break and habits to start, and I finally found a way to tackle all of them at once. Focus on what matters most, first. How freaking simple is that?! How has it taken me this long to understand that? Everything is suddenly so clear, and I'm excited to see if I am able to keep up this clarity of mind. I'm not in a rush to accomplish, start or stop anything. January 1 wasn't the end-all-be-all moment that I needed to be perfect, but it started a master work plan for the year. I won't be kicking myself if everything isn't accomplished immediately, because as long as I have God's grace and time, I know it will all fall into place at the right moment, as long as I keep working and keep my core passion and values at the forefront of my daily purpose. I feel like this is the end of a chapter of my life but more importantly, the beginning of the next, and I could NOT be happier. All this being said, I am still running around like a chicken with its head cut off some days, but those days are fewer and farther between than they used to be, and they don't seem to have the same importance or control that they used to. These are my "keywords" for this year and moving forward: