Custom Design House


Custom Design House


Custom Design Information for families, homes and other personal subjects

Multiple subject portraits: $60 per adult; $30 per child

Pets: $20

Additional hobbies or objects: $10 per item

Houses: $200

Changes to a proof: $50 per round

$30 Digitizing fee

$18.00 / 6x6 linen cocktail napkin

For family portraits, please email with ONE full length color photo in the outfits that you would like to be drawn in. Please include concise notes on any changes or additions to be made.

For houses, please email with ONE horizontal color photo of the house. Please include any concise notes on changes or additions to be made.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery during October 2016.

Napkins are digitally printed to allow for more colors. If you would like them embroidered, please make a note so Sarah-Allen can design accordingly.


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